About Us

Dennis and Mary Caldwell were the owners of Klipsan Beach Cottages thirty years ago. They converted the Motel to a Condominium and the units were sold to individuals. The Caldwell’s continued to own their own home and manage the condominium except for a few years when Denny and Mary moved to Alaska.

The condominium owners were overjoyed to have them back from Alaska. As you look around the condominium you will start to appreciate the high standards that Denny and Mary bring to Klipsan Beach Cottages.

The English Garden is Mary’s but open to all. The landscaping is impeccable. The cottages are immaculate. (Not only is the condominium the highest rated resort on the peninsula, but it also is the highest rated for cleanliness by the Health District.)

Most of the units are still owned by the original purchasers or their families.

There is more work involved here than you are probably aware of. Repairs at the beach are a constant theme. The pines immediately in front of the cabins have to be trimmed yearly to preserve the view. The sand dunes have to have the pine seedlings pulled up every year or they would take over. Look to the lots to the North and South.

As each unit is individually owned, it is individually furnished. They are all a little different. All the cabins have guest books for comments and those comments are appreciated and often the impetus for improvement. Some of them are cute, some hilarious, some romantic, others not so much.  They are in the cabins so you can read them and see what experiences others have had.

The owners today live in Seattle, Snohomish, La Conner, Longview and Redmond. They meet twice a year to review condominium opportunities and see each other. They are all good friends.